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It's what you are already doing that is blocking you from success

What is it that is blocking you from the life you want to life? Is it what you do not know?

Some skill you do not have?
Or perhaps it is a software thingy you need to buy?
No. I claim there is something you are already doing that is preventing you, or blocking you from the life you want to life.

However, if you can see what this is in your lived experience, your mindset, then you can do something you about it. Feeling stuck?
How to discover your mindset

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How to live the life of your dreams without having to struggle

How to Live the Life of Your Dreams Without Having to Struggle! Is that really possible? 
Yes it is and I'm here to show you how.

Key takeaways: 
- Understanding your current mindset is vital.
- Growth mindset
- fixed mindset
- mindset meditation

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Fixed Mindsets and Meditation - Are You Feeling Stuck?

What of Mindsets: Fixed & Growth Mindsets and what to do when you are feeling stuck.



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Mindset & Meditation - What is it? How do they relate and what is the big relate?

Mindset & Meditation ....what is do they relate and what is the big deal?

In this video I go through why it is that some people succeed in almost anything they turn towards, while others seemingly struggle not matter how hard they try.

The 3 Myths of "Success" ...and how these are preventing you from living the life you always wanted. And what you need to do today to create the life you want.

I also mention a is the link to said Mindset Masterclass -

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What to do with Entrepreneurial Meltdown

You’re having one of those days! You know the one. When all you really want to do is run away from it all. Go hide in a corner of the world where no one can find you.

So…what do you do when this happens? Do you just scream? Throw your hands in the air and run!?


Manage the situation?

There is only one thing we can do when this happens. Running away is not really an option…sadly! ;)

So firstly, know that many if not all entrepreneurs have these days. Days of deep and dark self-doubt. When you feel like it’s all a big bad karmic joke.

These days doubt! And you shouldn’t try and push away the feelings inside you either.

Instead the real solution is to look inside yourself. The problem is inside so it makes sense the answer is also.

Look inside and face that voice, you know the one...the inner critic, that voice that tells you "you’re a loser" and that "this is never going to work." That "your dreams of owning and running a...

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All Success Begins with Your Mindset

There’s a story we’ve all been told our whole entire life.

Success means getting a safe, secure job so you can work 5 days a week…saving money and then retire at 65 so you can finally enjoy your life.

And if that’s you, and you love your life…you wake up every morning…happy with how your life is going….then you are doing the right thing…you are on your right path.

But if you are like most people who don’t wake up each morning happy and excited about their life...

Then you might want to stop and ask yourself

What am I doing?!

As you know there has never been a better time in history to start something new than right now.

Technology has levelled the playing field so that it has never been easier to start a new business, or to create a new product, or project, and put it out to market quickly...

Right now it's so easy to simply do good in the world and get paid 6 or 7 figures doing what you love.

But you know what has never...

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3 Biggest Myths of Success I See Being Pedalled Around like Snake-oil

Ever wondered how some people are successful in everything they do?

They can start a new business, or a new project, or come up with a new product and everything just seems to fall into place.

While others struggle no matter how hard they try? They do all the so called correct things they “remove their limiting beliefs” … and “work on their mindset” …and “hustle" 24/7 only to succeed in burning out!

It's super frustrating and that frustration can build into doubt…"is it me…or is it my ideas that are the problem here?” … "I really don’t know anymore!” … “why can’t I make this work?”

This kind of narrative can lead people to feel as if they are not living to their full potential. And you know what …they're not!

How do I know this? Because I’ve lived through that struggle. I’ve lived through that frustrating doubt that seems to bind us into a perpetual cycle of...

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Going ALL IN & Moving to Tasmania

Day 8 of 20 Years in 20 Days.

In this video I talk about the time I loved to Tasmania and in doing so went ALL IN on my new future!

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Dissatisfaction Can Be the fuel of Massive Change

Day 7 of 20 Years in 20 Days.

In this video I talk about how listening to feelings of dissatisfaction can fuel massive change.

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