NLF Show EP 014 Stefan Duscio ACS - How Your Intuition Is Your Greatest Asset As A Filmmaker

 In this episode we chat with the Australian cinematographer Stefan Duscio about his accidental, and how leveraging your intuition can be a real asset for your career. 

Show notes:

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NLF Show EP 013 Jakob Owens - How to diversify revenue in order to take your career to the next level

In this episode with talk with filmmaker and entrepreneur Jakob Owens from BuffNerd fame about his career. What its really like to have 800k Youtube subs and his amazing plans of building his own filmmaking studio ranch.

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NLF Show EP 012 Alex Chinnici - How To Follow Up Smartly To Get Work

In the episode we chat with Alex Chinnici an LA based Dp about his career and how to find more work with smart follow ups.


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NLF Show EP 011 Rob Chiu - How Reinventing Yourself Can Be the Best Thing for Your Career

In this episode we talk with Rob Chiu about his he has reinvented himself several times over and how that is what has taken his career to where he is today. 

Show notes:

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NLF Show EP 010 Nick Matthews - How Allowing Yourself to Be Surprised Can Make You Be a Better Filmmaker


In this episode we cover things including how allowing yourself to be surprised by where you life is taking you and how that can be all you really need to be successful. 

Show notes -

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NLF Show 009 Paul Schneider - How to Stay True To Yourself & Succeed As a Filmmaker

In this episode we talk with commercial and TV director Paul Schneider about his pathway to success and what it takes to stay true to yourself as an artist and be success. 

Show note -

"BREATHE" from Paul Schneider on Vimeo.

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NLF Show EP 008 Bjorn Charpentier - How Passion And Strategic Thinking Play A Vital Role In Success

In this episode I talk with cinematographer Bjorn Charpentier about his passion for the art of visual stories, and how looking back at your body of work can impact your future. 

Show notes  -
Sean Bobbitt masterclass


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NLF EP 007 Shal Ngo - How To Jump Into Your Fear and Succeed As An Artist Today


I this episode I talk with Shal Ngo about his path to success and how being able to step into the fear of failure can be the very thing that sets you apart from all the other filmmakers and artists out there.

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NLF Show EP 006 Erik Lauer - From Content Creator to Video Production Agency Owner

In this episode we talk with Erik Lauer about working with Youtube stars, touring with huge international pop-stars as the tour content creators, through to his pivot into a video production agency owner. Why he turned his back on Hollywood, and much more. 

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NLF EP 005 Alex Disenhof - How Redefining Success Can Make You a Better Filmmaker

This is episode I talk with Alex Disenhof about Hollywood, working with big name directors, indie directors, and the commercial world. We get into many things including how we define happiness.

Show Notes:

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