NLF EP 007 Shal Ngo - How To Jump Into Your Fear and Succeed As An Artist Today


I this episode I talk with Shal Ngo about his path to success and how being able to step into the fear of failure can be the very thing that sets you apart from all the other filmmakers and artists out there.

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NLF Show EP 006 Erik Lauer - From Content Creator to Video Production Agency Owner

In this episode we talk with Erik Lauer about working with Youtube stars, touring with huge international pop-stars as the tour content creators, through to his pivot into a video production agency owner. Why he turned his back on Hollywood, and much more. 

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NLF EP 005 Alex Disenhof - How Redefining Success Can Make You a Better Filmmaker

This is episode I talk with Alex Disenhof about Hollywood, working with big name directors, indie directors, and the commercial world. We get into many things including how we define happiness.

Show Notes:

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NLF Show EP 004 Dean Francis - How Automation Helped My Filmmaking Career and Business

In this episode we talk with Australian director about his career thus far. We go into the state of the industry. The impact of VOD platforms on filmmakers, and what Dean is doing to help automate his video production company.

Dean's latest feature film
JJ Splice

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NLF Show EP 003 - How Nathan VonMiden Raised 500k from Cold Calling

In this episode I chat with Nathan VonMiden who has raised over 500k for his feature films using cold calling business strategies and a little bit of grit!

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NLF Show EP 002 - How Winning 4 Emmys Hurt My Filmmaking Career


In this episode we talk with 4x Emmy winner William Boyer. William has seen a lot of change in the TV, film, and commercial video production industries over the years. In this ep we discuss the impact this has on him and what he is doing to change with the times.

William's production company:

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NLF Show EP 001 - Introduction with Clarke Scott

In this show I go into the context, format, and motivation for the Next Level Filmmaker Show. I talk about why I started the Next Level Filmmaker show and what I plan (at this point) to This episode is audio only but with future eps we will also record the interviews via Zoom in video as well.

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Why a Commercial Retainer Client is the Most Awesome Thing in the World

video production Dec 10, 2018

Hey guys, Clarke Scott here from Next Level Filmmakers. So in this video I wanted to talk about why retainer clients are so awesome. Retainer clients that aren't the old-school retainer clients, the ones that make you do a whole bunch of videos for cheaper than they would because they're retaining you. That's the only reason why a business would retain you in order to create video content, is because they can get a better deal. So it's just bulk buying, I mean that's very obvious that that's what's taking place.

This retainer model is very different. What they're buying is a result.

So, I wanna ... There's a couple of things that are really cool about this model. One is that you stop swapping time for money. And so swapping time for money is, the only way that you can make money is that you're on set and you're shooting videos. So, that takes your time. So what you are therefore doing is you are getting paid essentially an hourly rate, and it doesn't really scale.

This particular...

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STOP Grinding With One-Off Video Projects

video production Nov 30, 2018


Hey, guys. Clarke Scott from Next Level Filmmaker.

In this video, I want to talk about the phenomenon of kind of being overwhelmed with one-off projects and trying to get clients. I've got a student of Next Level Filmmaking, a guy by the name of Julian, who, and there's a video that I did. It's on YouTube. You may have come across it at some point, that's an interview with him, and he talks about this, as well, is that when you are doing one-off projects, you are almost constantly in this grind of looking for clients. It's like a merry-go-round. You can become a slave to it, and there's two parts to it. One is the grind, and one is the hustle.

The grind is you get the job, you're trying to get it done as quickly as possible, and then you pay some bills, and then the job ends, and you gotta then hustle to find the next one. So it's grind, grind, grind, pay some bills, hustle, hustle, hustle. Grind, grind, grind, pay some bills, hustle, hustle, hustle. And it is literally a...

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Why Networking and Referrals Will Kill Your Career as a Filmmaker

video production Nov 29, 2018


Hi guys, so Clarke Scott here from Next Level Filmmaker.

In this video I wanted to talk about why networking and referrals will kill your career as a filmmaker. It's kind of a weird thing to think about, but I believe this is true. I know it is true, and I can prove it as well. Before I start all of that, I want to say this as prefatory remarks so that you don't think that I'm saying never rely on networking- I am saying that- never use networking or don't do networking because that's crazy obviously. What I am saying however, that's what I'm saying you have network, you have to take jobs that are based on referrals. However, what I'm saying is that relying on networking and referrals will kill your business. 

Here's the reason why, when your business is solely based on networking and referrals what you will do on set or through the client relationship is what you are doing is giving all of the power to the current client because you need them to say nice things about in...

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