Do Your Video Clients Undervalue Your Work?

Hey, guys. Clarke Scott here from Next Level Filmmaker. So in this video I wanted to ask the question of you, and that is do you know why your clients undervalue you, undervalue you, undervalue your services? So I'm sure, if you're anything like me, you've experienced business owners that undervalue what it is that we do. So we could kind of in a very shallow analysis of that just explain it away by saying they don't really know what it is that we do, and that there is an over-saturation of the market. There is lot of guys and girls out there all doing video, and it's for this reason that there's a dude on every corner of every street in every country who will work for half your day rate, who is willing to sleep on a couch and eat two-minute noodles just to break into the industry.

That is actually true; however, that's not the reason why clients undervalue what it is we do. Fundamentally, there's simply a lack of knowledge around what it is we do, which is completely understandable given that they're not filmmakers. So you look at your own departments. If you're an editor, do you know everything about cinematography? If you're a cinematographer, do you know the nuances of direction? Chances are you don't. So business owners shouldn't actually know the nuances and the difficulties and everything that we know to go through in order to create great stories for them. What they should do really is just concentrate on what they do best, and that is business.

So inherent in the very nature of not understanding a discipline that's different than your own is ignorance. There's just an ignorance, and through that, we take each other for granted. That happens in relationships, let alone personal relationships, let alone business relationships. So if you feel that your clients are undervaluing you, all of what I said is true. That is all true. But there's one real reason why they're undervaluing you because that's never going to change. That's never going to change. There will always be someone cheaper. There'll always be someone who'll be willing to do it for free almost, and that they'll never truly understand or appreciate what it is that we do.

However, that's not the reason why they undervalue you. The reason why they undervalue you is because of the way you present yourself. In another video, I'll go into more details as to how you should present yourself, but effectively what we are doing is we are walking into businesses, and when we talk to business owners, we are speaking in a different language. We have filmmaker on the one hand. That's the language that we're speaking. We're speaking F-stops, T-stops, et cetera, right? We talk about cost of the line. We have our own grammar, our own language that we use in order to be able to explain to an actor or a DP or an editor or what have you. That's a certain kind of language.

So when we walk into a business and we're talking about resolution, for instance, we're shooting full pay, what that gets heard as is like a different language, like Chinese and English or Latin and English or Latin and, just two different kinds of languages. So we go in speaking filmmaker, and all they hear is rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-rah. They don't understand what the hell it is that we're actually saying. Full pay to a business owner, it means nothing to them.

So what happens is they end up getting quite confused, and because they're confused, they don't see the real inherent value in it. So I will go into this in more details in other videos, but essentially the reason why your services and you as a filmmaker is undervalued by your clients rests on your shoulders. It comes down to being able to articulate why they should value you. Yeah, that's it. That's all I really wanted to say in this video. So yeah, ciao.



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