What to do with Entrepreneurial Meltdown

You’re having one of those days! You know the one. When all you really want to do is run away from it all. Go hide in a corner of the world where no one can find you.

So…what do you do when this happens? Do you just scream? Throw your hands in the air and run!?


Manage the situation?

There is only one thing we can do when this happens. Running away is not really an option…sadly! ;)

So firstly, know that many if not all entrepreneurs have these days. Days of deep and dark self-doubt. When you feel like it’s all a big bad karmic joke.

These days suck...no doubt! And you shouldn’t try and push away the feelings inside you either.

Instead the real solution is to look inside yourself. The problem is inside so it makes sense the answer is also.

Look inside and face that voice, you know the one...the inner critic, that voice that tells you "you’re a loser" and that "this is never going to work." That "your dreams of owning and running a successful business is a joke.” … "Go get a real job!"

The inner critic has no courage and no intelligence but, we do! You do! I do!!

Use your intelligence to beat the inner critic at its own game.

But how I hear you ask! 

Like all cowards simply facing it will begin the process of melting the inner critic. See the voice as just as voice. His/her words as just a "story." 

This is the first step. But it should not be the last. You may feel better as a result of staring down that voice but this will not prevent it from coming back again when similar circumstance are presented in your life. The real causes need to be dealt with for that voice to tell you a different story. 

As I like to say, if you are not happy with the story of your life thus far...change the story! Change the stories you tell yourself about yourself. This will change the story of your life.  

Check out my 7 Day Entrepreneurial Mindset Challenge for the initial steps in making this happen. 

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