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Our Biggest Problems Can be Our Biggest Blessing

Day 2 of 20 Years in 20 Days.

In today's video I talk about the time when my biggest problems became my biggest blessing insofar as it was the catalyst for a shift in the trajectory of my life.


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Be Like a Meditator, Think Like a Meditator - Embrace Failure

For those of us that aspire to meditate well it can be easy to get caught in thoughts of how wonderful it would be to have flawless concentration. As most of us carry expectations into our meditation sessions, and yet as we sit with a mind that continues to wander, continues to play the uncontrollable buffoon, it is easy to become disheartened.

Successful meditators on the other hand—no strike that—successful people, embrace failure. That is, they embrace the possibility of failure for such people are not put off by long and difficult journeys. In fact they are often inspired by such challenges. Great meditators have an innate ability to see through their everyday likes and dislikes, enabling them to offset short term pleasure for long term goals.

This ability sees restlessness as an enemy of meditation, and understands the benefits of disregarding short term hardships that may arise through meditation.

Be like a meditator, think like a meditator: embrace failure.

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Losing Your Way Finding Perspective

Sometimes it happens—we get lost. Lost in thought. Lost in time. Lost in life. And yet these times—times when everything seems upside down—can be the best of times for fresh views of old truths can bubble up providing new perspective.
Now let's face it, even though all of us, all sentient beings, want happiness this is not news, and it is obvious on reflection that we are not endlessly seeking the kind of happiness born of sheer hedonism but real, bonafide, genuine happiness.

Restlessly do we seek a good life. A life that goes well. A life with real meaning. A life where we are loved and we have the chance to love. A life where love transcends the ordinary.

But if this is to be so, we must go through a process of transformation, of transcendence. A transcendence of old habits and this kind of change never comes easy.

Life is hard won. Indeed the life we seek is hard won.

And yet if we are the protagonist and the author of our own life's story, and the arc of this...

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