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The Twisting of a Phrase For Clarity

A pithy turn of phrase, a quip engendering insight, all these linguistic devices are the tools of smarter men (and women) than I.
Philosophy, for the most part, is not easy. It is not easy because of the hours spent frustrated by misunderstanding, or, as is more often the case, a sense of not understanding what the hell it is that you are reading. In the end, I must add, it is an experience for which one is better off for having.

With the afore written in mind, and as good evidence of my point, I want to address the notion of clarity in philosophy.

Some might argue there is, in fact, a lack of clarity in the very enterprise of philosophy. Is this true? Perhaps, for philosophy is inherently abstruse. After all, the ideas we are grappling with are difficult. Yet, is it their importance that renders these questions difficult , or is it their difficulty that makes them important?

I think one could argue it is, in fact, both, and for that very reason, it is important for those engaged in...

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