How To Scale Your Video Production Company
to 7-Figures 
With Commercial Retainer Clients


"Over 50% of Next Level Filmmaker students land their first commercial retainer client inside the 8 week time-frame & another 30% landing within 4 weeks of graduating"

3 Reasons Why the Next Level Filmmaker Program is Different to Other Online Courses

I love transparency and I'm sure you do too.  And perhaps you've come across other programs that appear similar to the Next Level Filmmaker program...or seem to promise something similar at least!

So to help you find the best program that is a good fit for you and your business... Let me go ahead and tell you how our program is different.

1. I'm not an internet marketer targeting filmmakers; I am an actual filmmaker who understands digital distribution and marketing deeply. 

My first commercial retainer client where I ran digital distribution for them was 2012 

I've been a filmmaker longer than this but, the first commercial retainer client where I got a business result for a company by running Facebook & Youtube ads and using digital distribution channels to drive the result was back in 2012. 

I shot 6 mini-documentaries for this company, and as we knew it was the wives researching prostate cancer, we targeted these wives in order to get a product for radiation therapy in front of those doing the research. 

Since then I've spent a great deal of time, effort, and my own coin on deepening my understanding of digital distribution as well as platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in order to get more of these kinds of results for the clients of my video company. 

So not only do I understand you and your goals as a filmmaker because I'm one also, I also understand how to target people in order to get your content in front of the right people at the right time so you can also retain clients and increase your earning capacity as a result.

And I have real world practical experience running commercial campaigns across multiple niches and distributing this content on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube in order to drive a business result.

 2. I own a video production agency and so I've done what I teach inside my program

Yes, this is a business program and while I am not here to teach you filmmaking per se...

There are things that only a filmmaker can teach you when it comes to scaling your video production company through commercial retainer clients and running distribution for them.

For instance, finding clients, as well as pitching and selling video production, is best taught by someone that knows both the intricacy of the filmmaking process, and the knowledge of real world practical experience of doing it for their own business.

Ask yourself the simple question, can you really learn how to land commercial retainer clients or how to run commercial campaigns from someone that has never done it for a real client? 

And so I can actually teach you how to find, pitch, and convert commercial retainer clients for your business.

And my students can attest to this: the sales training in our program will transform your pitching process, while the training on positioning will transform how you approach clients.


3. I can help you create compelling video content that drives a business result

In the end business people do not care too much about video. 

But there is something their care deeply about - the growth of their business.

Video is perfect for this growth but only if it is the right content, placed in front of the right people, at the right time! And by the right time, I mean the right time in the customer life cycle. 

It's no longer enough just to create videos then upload them to Facey and hit the boost button! 

For this reason you need to be able to create video content that converts. 

And this means mapping unique content to a customer journey.

Specifically you need to be able to breakdown a business problem and come up with a creative business solution to this problem with video in order to get a result for the client. 

ONLY a filmmaker can help you do this. 

So because I understand what kind of content to place in front of a prospect across many different kinds of client niches, I can show you how to create videos that convert so your client campaigns are successful.

This section of the program is something vital and unique to this program.

 4x Emmy Winner William Boyer On Why
He Joined Next Level Filmmaker


What Members Of The Next Level Filmmaker Program Receive

You receive world class commercial filmmaking business training - lead generation strategies, sales strategies created by a filmmaker for filmmakers and distribution training that you keep for life.

With over 100+ hours of video content, PDF downloads, worksheets, and step-by-step instruction for implementation of the Next Level Filmmaker System, the program contains everything you will need to have a highly successful multi-6 to 7-figure video production agency.

The Next Level Filmmaker Program also includes:

  •  Lifetime access to the Next Level Filmmaker version 2.0 training, content and resources.
  • 12 months access to the Next Level Filmmaker Program exclusive community.
  • Direct access to Clarke for 12 months of business coaching to help you implement the Next Level Filmmaker System into your business. 

Next Level Filmmaker Program Curriculum


1.1 Welcome

1.2 The Road Ahead

1.3 Resources Needed for Commercial Retainer Clients

1.4 Planning Your Future Business

1.5 A New Mindset

1.6 Daily Routine of an Entrepreneurial Filmmaker

1.7 Fundamentals of a New Model

1.8 Switching to the the new model

1.9 Crafting your offer

1.10 Developing a Message

1.11 Getting started with existing clients

1.12 - 30 Day Plan to Your First Commercial Retain Client


2.1 Branding and Why It's Important

2.2 Core-value

2.3 Home base

2.4 Crafting Your Authority

2.5 Platform Pillars

2.6 Content Pillars

2.7 Client Attraction

2.8 How to Get Retainer Clients

2.9 Inbound Funnel Introduction


3.1 Inbound Sales Funnel Overview

3.2 Organic & Paid Client Attraction Methods

3.3 Landing Pages

3.4 Value Video Fundamentals

3.5 Value Video Examples

3.6 How to Create a Value Video

3.7 Booking Process & Clients Surveys

3.8 Discovery Calls

3.9 Discovery Call Example & Commentary


4.1 Education Based Sales Funnels

4.2 How to Run Pitching Meetings

4.3 Creating Video Marketing Strategies

4.4 Designs Video Funnels for Clients

4.5 Pitching & Selling Commercial Retainers

4.6 Budgeting Retainers

4.7 Understanding Direct Response for Filmmakers

4.8 Creating Director Response Video Content

4.9 Distribution Channels

4.10 Emails Responders & Automation


5.1 The Pre-Frame Funnel

5.2 The Agency Funnel

5.3 The Competition Funnel

5.4 The Straight Up Funnel

5.5 The Performance Based Funnel


6.1 FFB Ads part 1 overview

6.2 FB Ads Terms Compliance & GDPR

6.3 Facebook Assets

6.4 Foundations for Success on FB

6.5 Setting Up Business Manager

6.6 FB Campaigns & Funnel Strategies

6.7 Setting Up Your Funnels

6.8 Setting Up Custom Conversions

6.9 Setting Up Custom Conversions

6.10 Writing Copy for Facebook

6.11 How to Create Targeted Audiences

6.12 Go Live With Your FB Campaigns


7.1 How the Algorithm Works

7.2 How to Establish Results for Your Clients

7.3 Preparing to Scale Your FB Ads

7.4 Budget Scaling

7.5 Additional Audience Scaling

7.6 Scaling with LookALike Audiences

7.7 Duplicating Successful Adsets

7.8 Offline Event Conversions

7.9 Testing & Optimization

7.10 Campaign Management & Reports for Clients

9.11 Complete Funnels Build


8.1 Introduction to Youtube Ads Platforms

8.2 Keyword Research

8.3 Conversion Path & Attribution Models

8.4 Setting Up Google Ads Account

8.5 Building a Video Views List

8.6 Fundamental to a Good Performing Youtube Ad

8.7 7 Important Video Elements

8.8 Audience Targeting

8.9 Campaign Structure & Build

8.10 Youtube Bids & Budgets


9.1 Creating Your First Youtube Ad

9.2 Running an In-Market Campaign

9.3 Running an Customer Intent Campaign

9.4 Running an Affinity Campaign

9.5 Running an Keywords Campaign

9.6 Running an Placement Campaign

9.7 How the Bidding Works

9.8 Fundamentals of Optimizing Your Ads

9.9 Keys to Successful Scale

9.10 Complete Funnels Build


10.1 Foundations of Compelling Video Content

10.2 How to Produce Videos with Style & Efficacy

10.3 Setting Expectations

10.4 The Importance of a Good Script

10.5 How to do Professional Research

10.6 Conception & Ideation

10.7 How Structure Compelling Videos

10.8 Aesthetics & Styling

10.9 Things to Avoid


11.1 Setting Client Expectations Correctly

11.2 Commercial Retainer Client Contract Template

11.3 What's Needed in a Professional Client Proposal

11.4 Client On-boarding

11.5 Outsourcing

11.6 Hiring Business Development Manager

11.7 Hiring Contractors & the Quiz

11.8 Working With Contractors


12.1 Understanding Cashflow as a Filmmaker

12.2 Rules to Live By as an Entrepreneurial Filmmaker

12.3 Growth & Scaling Your Production Company

12.4 Creative Freedom & Financial Freedom

12.5 Becoming the Filmmaker of Your Dreams

12.6 Finding You Top 25 Clients

12.7 Targeting Your Top 25 Clients

12.8 Strategic Partnerships

12.9 Final Thoughts

Stop wasting time, money & energy hustling to work this out yourself.

Start maximizing your ROI with the power of a team.

Most professional athletes have an entire team to support them: a coach, trainer, physical therapist, sports psychologist — a whole group of experts helping them perform at their best.

Yet most filmmakers go it alone, even while juggling a dozen roles. We’re writers. And researchers. And analysts. And psychologists...we shoot, edit, and try and pitch clients as to why video is important. 

We spend thousands of hours studying lighting setups, testing creative and staying ahead of trends and lens technology...

Because with the increasing challenges of paid traffic, we know that’s what it takes to ensure a win.

But every hour spent looking for an answer and every day wasted troubleshooting where the industry is headed, how to find clients, could be spent landing more clients, or increasing ROI by implementing the retainer model into your business - STOP sitting on the sidelines by the pool, jump in for Pete’s sake!

How Julian Castro Went From Hustling for One-Time Projects to Landed 3 Retainer Clients in 30 Days After Joining The Next Level Filmmaker Program


How Pete Landed 3 COMMERCIAL RETAINER CLIENTS in under 30 Days After Joining the NEXT LEVEL FILMMAKER PROGRAM & Is Now Working Towards 500k p/year!


How Jonathan Martin from Blacksock Production went from nickel & dime projects to high-valued retainers clients in less than 60 days.


Why Commercial Retainer Clients Are Awesome


2X Vimeo Staff Pick Winner Reveals The Truth About The Next Level Filmmaker Program


After years of hard work as a freelancer, I found of a better way.

A way that commercial filmmakers can get everything we need to perform our best, all in one place.

One place where you can learn the top strategies being used by other successful filmmakers...

One place where you can get expert feedback on your campaigns before throwing ad dollars at them...

One place where platform specialists keep you updated on the latest changes to Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube...

So you can stop losing time, money and energy, and start getting bigger wins faster and more often.

So we collected all the resources we’ve relied on throughout our careers; we gathered some of our best friends, partners, mentors and students...

And threw them all into one amazing group called Team Traffic. It’s the group we’ve always wish existed...

And we’re inviting you to become a member and share in our success.

Next Level Filmmaker System FAQ's:

  • Does this only work for certain niches?
  • Does this only work for small productions? 
  • Is this only work for boring corporate videos? 

Watch the video >> to find out...


The video on the right was recorded by one of my video production clients.

I asked Maria to simply speak honestly about her experience of working with me and what were the results I was able to get for her running my system of video content & digital distribution.

As you can see, she was quite delighted with the results we got for her business.

I can show you how to do the same for your existing clients and how to get new ones. 
Save time & money by plugging into a system that has been battled-tested on actual video clients!