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Clarke Scott teaches mindset skills needed to succeed in life. With a 20+ year background in philosophy and psychology, meditation, and business Clarke's own framework for mindset success he developed through his work in academia coupled with his own contemplative practises, we have programs, short-courses, and deep-dive courses to cater a beginning student through to entrepreneurs.

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"With a keen sense for the profound and an honesty of spirit Clarke's projects often reflect his own concerns for a life well lived."


Hi there. I'm Clarke. Thanks for dropping by. Here you will find content about how to live a life all in. There is content about philosophy, meditation, and other seemingly disparate disciplines that come together to inform a life well lived.

Through the 90's and 2000's I spent over 15 years living and studying with Tibetan lamas both here in Australia and in India. For much of that time I was a fully-ordained Buddhist monk.

At the same time I developed several software business as a means of supporting myself while living as a monk. For some this may seem odd but in Buddhist philosophy we have this notion of right livelihood and the current situation for many Western monastics self financial support is the only solution. I was no different. 

My initial contact with Buddhism back in 1995 and since then I have read, thought about, practiced, and lived by the principles found within the Buddhist world-view every day since. But I do not adhere to one school of Buddhism and I have also read widely across Western Philosophy and science.

All of that is to say that I have a great love of philosophy in general and Buddhism in particular. I consider myself a Buddhist. I practice meditation every day. But more important than this I consider myself a human being with the potential to evolve, and I connect with others at this level.

For the most of this time I was based in Australia and then in 2009 I began a PhD in philosophy through the university of Tasmania and through this project I was lucky enough to live and work in India among the Tibetan community.

The PhD was a cross-cultural research project into the nature of self according to Eastern and Western philosophy. It was a lot of fun, which alas I was unable to complete. However, a lot of what you will find here comes from this research. Indeed, it is this rare combination of 15+ years with the Tibetan, study of Western Philosophy, and my on-going contemplative practice that is the heart of this content.

It has taken me a long time to come to this realisation...and that is, I cannot live my life well without creating something that has deep roots into the way I view the world around me and my way of being in the world. My work here are about just that. My view of the world. And although the way I see the world is heavily influenced by Buddhism, my work is not about championing Buddhism per se. Rather my work is about championing human potential.

Someone once said about me,"With a keen sense for the profound and an honesty of spirit Clarke's projects often reflect his own concerns for a life well lived."

I take what I have learnt from my own life and about those things.

I am very excited and a little nervous to finally release the film. But more on that coming...

Here are some of my teachers and a couple of friends....

warm regards,

Clarke Scott


HH Dalai Lama

HH Kamapa

Richard Gere

Prof. Robert Thurman from Columbia university



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