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I'm Clarke Scott a commercial director, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and I help fellow filmmakers build & grow highly successful businesses so they can take their filmmaking business and career.

And I help my clients achieve this through a combination of an 8 week program and weekly coaching that focuses on social and business systems as well as conversion strategies.

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My directing and filmmaking website is here

Below is me onset directing my first feature film, A Thousand Moments Later.

Here's the trailer. 

And a marketing video I created for the film...


Named as "filmmakers to watch" by Cinephilia & Beyond website. 

"Clarke Scott’s If I Had Another Day is a complex film we’ve really enjoyed unpuzzling. The melancholically toned story of a girl coping with grief after losing her loved one is, at the same time, a cleverly conceived, whole-souled effort to examine the emotional turbulence of a break-up and a filmmaking endeavour that shows a substantial interest in the storytelling technique. Scott skillfully mixes up the past, present and future by shifting between colour schemes and playfully experimenting with brightness and slow motion. The strength of this gem of a short film is further enhanced by the artistically powerful idea that gave birth to the project—instead of finding an actress that fits his story, Scott decided to get to know the actress first and then develop the story based on a traumatic event she had really experienced. Thumbs up for the bold idea and kudos for its elegant realization."



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