Videos that Convert — $97.00

How to Create Video that Convert (Viral Videos!)

In this course, I teach you how to create videos for your clients that will convert and thus get better results! This in turn will allow you to charge more for your services. 

If you've ever wanted to know the inner science of creating good videos for advertising this is the course for you. 

You will learn how to write, and structure video ads. How to do research the right way, and how to come up with great ideas for your videos. 

Course Content:

  1. Foundations of Compelling Video Content
  2. Fundamentals to a Good Performing Video Ad
  3. 7 Important Video Elements
  4. Setting Client Expectations
  5. The Importance of a Good Script
  6. How to do Professional Research
  7. Conception & Ideation
  8. How to Structure Compelling Videos

This course is perfect for anyone working with clients that need great videos.




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