Youtube Ads for Filmmakers ($197.00)

Learn everything to need to run Youtube Ads for video clients.

In this course, I show you exactly how to run top-performing Youtube ads.

From initial setup, to advanced tracking, to how to maximize the bidder, this course will make you a valuable asset for clients. 

Knowing how to run Youtube ads for your clients will help win more work and charge higher rates. 

Course Includes:

  1. Introduction & Fundamentals
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Conversion Paths & Attribution Models
  4. Setting Up Google Ads Account
  5. Building Video Views Lists
  6. Audience Targeting
  7. In-Market Audience
  8. Custom Intent Audience
  9. Affinity Audience
  10. Custom Affinity Audience
  11. Life Events Audience
  12. Keyword Targeting
  13. Campaign Structure & Build
  14. Bids & Budgets
  15. Creating Your First Ad
  16. How to Create a In-Market Campaign
  17. How to Create a Custom Intent Campaign
  18. How to Create an Affinity Campaign
  19. How to Create a Keywords Campaign
  20. How to Create a Placement Campaign
  21. How to Create Remarketing Campaigns
  22. How the Biding Works
  23. Optimization Fundamentals
  24. Metrics to Measure

With 24 detailed modules, this course is perfect for filmmakers looking to step up and run ads for their clients. 


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